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Generation Instant: Gamers and Winnings

October 23, 2023

Out on the casino floor, moves occur in real-time: Chips can be turned in for cash in hand immediately after winning them, and players can move from one game to another with ease. Yet despite the widespread legalization of and growing interest in online sportsbooks and other gaming, moving operations online has slowed things down, and gamers face a variety of payout frictions. Cash is less of a winning payout option online, with digital payouts more the rule, but even what could purport to be instant payouts can be delayed, as payers need to manage risks before they process funds, causing up to 24 hours in delay and consumer frustration.

What is missing in the current generation of sportsbooks are the instant payouts and ease of moving money from one game to another that mimic the physical casino experience. In fact, many gamers show interest in streamlining winnings payouts: When offered the option, 79% elected for instant disbursements, while 76% were not offered the option but would have chosen it if it were available. Creating an offering that enables gaming companies to keep players in their ecosystems, even across online and physical environments, is a win-win for both gaming companies and their customers: It improves customer satisfaction with their winnings payouts while also driving consumer engagement and loyalty across the gaming brand.

Generation Instant: Gamers and Winnings, a PYMNTS Intelligence and Ingo Money collaboration, is based on a census-balanced survey of 2,606 consumers across the United States conducted between Aug. 28 and Oct. 4; it examines consumers’ satisfaction with the disbursements they receive from government and nongovernment entities.

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